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5 Key benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue has a number of health benefits, some known and others lessor known. Deep Tissue has a huge benefit in our active life styles. Whether you go to the gym, play sport socially or at a high level, maintenance of the body & mind is essential. Deep tissue massage not only helps you relax and heal some of your injuries, deep tissue massage has a huge variety of other benefits.

In this post we explore the key benefits of Massage Therapy, but firstly what exactly is Deep Tissue Massage? Well, in short - Deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscles. Typically Massage therapists will use firmer pressure and focus on key areas that are causing pain or discomfort. Not all Deep Tissue massage requires firmer strokes, it is really dependent on each patient and where they need the therapist to focus. The idea is to target these troublesome areas and get them to release the muscle and improve blood flow.

Without further ado, here is Spring Retreats 5 Key benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

1. PAIN REDUCTION Having an active lifestyle can result in injuries, fatigue and muscle soreness. It’s not often that you can get through your sporting career or general knocking around the gym without some of these symptoms. Deep Tissue can help reduce the pain of the injuries. Some studies have shown that massage therapy can actually be more effective at alleviating pain than conventional remedies.

2. INJURY PREVENTTION It’s widely known that injuries can be treated with Deep tissue / Sports Massage, but not well known is it’s great for injury prevention. Getting a massage once a week will improve blood flow, pro-long your social sports career and prevent injuries.

3. IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION Deep Tissue and other Massage Therapies increase blood flow throughout the body, which can improve your body’s overall performance.

4. RELAX, RESTORE, REPEAT – Reduce Stress Spring Retreat’s moto is to relax, restore and repeat. Deep tissue can help you relax and de-stress. It will help improve your sleep and help you manage your stress levels. Everyone needs a bit of Zen time and restore. And finally REPEAT - having a regular massage in your weekly health routine will add to your overall wellbeing.

5. REDUCE SCAR TISSUE Deep tissue massage treatments can help to reduce scar tissue in the body. For people who have had old injuries, experience pain and stiffness due to the resulting scar tissue, deep tissue therapy can have impressive results in this area over the long term. This is achieved by improving lymphatic circulation and increasing the range of motion in the area, which breaks down scar tissue over time.

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