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By booking a treatment with Spring Retreat, you agree that you have provided a detailed medical history if any to our therapists
and do not expect them to have foreseen any previous or pre-existing condition that has not been mentioned.

Massage may provide benefits for certain conditions but results are not guaranteed. These benefits may include relief of muscular tension, relaxation, reduction in the symptoms of stress-related conditions and provision of general wellbeing.

Its also important to understand that massage therapy may produce side effects such as muscle soreness, mild bruising, increased awareness of areas of pain and light-headedness amongst other possible temporary outcomes. Our therapists do not diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications nor physically manipulate the spine or its immediate articulations.

By agreeing to our terms & conditions will tell the therapist about any discomfort you may experience during the therapy session and understand that the treatment may be adjusted accordingly.

  • You give my consent to the performance of the proposed care by any practitioner who operates their business at Spring Retreat

  • This consent form applies to all practitioners who operate their businesses at Spring Retreat

  • Your clinical file is utilised through one central note taking facility and is accessible to all staff and practitioners who operate their businesses at Spring Retreat

  • Your clinical file will not be released to a third party provider unless prior written consent in provided.

Refunds and Complaints

We want to make your treatment as best as possible, we welcome feedback, take on all constructive criticism for our therapists and their service and always work to improve our overall product. If you are not enjoying the treatment, speak up to your therapist early during the treatment. If the therapist doesn't adjust the massage accordingly. If it still doesn't meet your needs, you are welcome to stop the treatment, speak to our reception team about giving you another therapist for the remaining tie. In no cases will we give a full refund at the end of a treatment.


Cancellation & Reschedule Policy:

We require a valid credit card at the time of booking. Cancellations/Rescheduling must be made more than 24 hours prior to your appointment. Any appointments cancelled/rescheduled within the 24 hour period will incur a 50% fee.
Failure to attend will result in a charge of 100%.

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