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Benefits of Sports massage in returning to training

It’s common during these unprecedented times to have lost motivation for training and become stagnant, especially with gyms and health studios closing. With these now reopening, it’s important to re start your training and exercise programs slowly to avoid injuries and strains.

Massage can be an amazing help to this process both pre and post workout.

A study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that the psychological benefits of a pre-workout massage including reduced stress, tension, and anxiety, leaves you relaxed and focused to get the most from your workout. It also eases your muscles so the chance of strain or injury is significantly reduced. While easing back into our workout routines, relaxing the muscles through massage and stretching before you exercise can help you achieve optimal results.

Receiving a massage once you've finished training or working out helps reduce muscle soreness and stiffness by reducing inflammation and cuts down your recovery time by speeding up cell recovery. According to a study in the Journal of Athletic Training, having a massage soon after a workout or exercising can reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMs) by a huge 30%. This can be hugely beneficial in muscle repair and growth, and can have you ready to train at full capacity sooner.

Pre or Post workout, massage can also help with the rehabilitation of injuries, relief from chronic pain, flexibility, and restoring the body to its natural state – pain free.

Spring Retreat offers Sports Massage in the heart of Bondi Junction. If you are returning to train & are interested in the benefits of sports massage all us on 85424414 or book online now.

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