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Introducing Gutsy by Nutrition

Introducing Gutsy by Nutrition who has joined Spring Retreat Bondi Junction on Mondays & Wednesdays/

We’re excited to introduce Gutsy by Nutrition, a unique holistic wellness service for adults and children offering Functional Nutritional Therapy.

But what is Functional Nutritional Therapy? In Australia it’s a relatively new and natural pathway to improving physical and emotional function that works by balancing nutritional deficiencies at cellular or foundational level. Based on an in- depth health history, signs and symptoms questionnaire, three-day food and mood journal and functional evaluation, Nore or Julie will create a diet and lifestyle program just for you.

Gutsy by Nutrition programs are for or anyone who wants to have more energy and vitality so they can get back to living. Their particular interests are chronic illness, complex illness, mood disorders, children’s health and family health. Nore also offers personalised yoga for distressing, energising, pain management and wellbeing.

You can purchase Gutsy by Nutrition services by the consultation or as a package. For more information, contact Julie or Nore HERE or visit their website below

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