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Clinical psychologists Inlight Psychology join Spring Retreat


Spring Retreat continues to grow their offering adding two new clinical physiologists.

Liza and Yisha are doctoral-level clinical psychologists. They treat a wide range of emotional, behavioral, work, social, relationship, and personality issues.

They see adults, children, adolescents, and parents. Book in for an initial consultation. Currently accepting new clients. Medicare rebate available under a GP Mental Health Plan.

Clinical Psychologist


  • Bachelor of Psychology (First Class Honours), University of New South Wales

  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology, University of Sydney

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sydney

Life can throw us many challenges and although we often manage fine on our own, sometimes some guidance can really help us get back on our feet. I am passionate about helping people work through their difficulties and it always brings me great joy to see my clients come out the other side feeling more equipped and skilled to take on any further challenges in their lives.

I make no assumptions and take all steps to ensure that I have a thorough understanding of the difficulties that you are experiencing in your life. I am guided by the principles of a number of therapeutic modalities (CBT, ACT, DBT, mindfulness, schema therapy), and take on an empathic and practical approach in your treatment.

Clinical Psychologist


  • Bachelor of Psychology (First Class Honours), University of Sydney

  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Macquarie University

  • Master of Philosophy, Macquarie University

My clinical work is centered around helping people create balance, meaning and purpose in their lives. I believe in the resilience of the human spirit, to rise and grow from adversities, and the transformative power of simple sustainable habits and skills to empower change, and create clarity and connection.

My approach is holistic, warm and collaborative.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time on my yoga mat, cuddles with my cats, learning about quantum physics, and cooking for friends and family.

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