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Psychological & Biochemical Benefits of Massage

Brain Power

Silence that little voice in your head for an hour, improve your self-esteem, relax into your thoughts, remedy your maladies, come out with solutions.

A massage is taking time out for yourself, which too many of us don’t do. It’s giving yourself an hour to relax and heal, telling yourself that you’re important, valuable and loved that you’re worth it. There is no better way to do this than with human connection and touch. Treating yourself well and allowing yourself this time affects how you view yourself psychologically and has proven biochemical results.

Touch Research Institutes at the University of Miami School of Medicine concluded that Cortisol decreases, and serotonin and dopamine increase following massage therapy. the stress-alleviating effects (decreased cortisol) and the activating effects (increased serotonin and dopamine) of massage therapy on a variety of medical conditions and stressful experiences. The positive effects of massage therapy on biochemistry have been proven through results of decreased levels of cortisol and increased levels of serotonin and dopamine. The research included studies on depression, eating disorders, pain syndrome studies, research on auto-immune conditions, asthma, chronic fatigue, immune studies (including HIV and breast cancer), and studies on the reduction of stress on the job, the stress of aging, and pregnancy stress.

So not only does massage have proven effects on physical pain but also psychological and biochemical benefits! Does it get any better?

Book yourself or a loved one in for a massage ASAP and experience this for yourself.

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