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Why not package it up?

Spring Retreat Rooms

With winter cooling everything down we've decided to cosy you up with our Winter Warmer Packages. Treat yourself to a cosy and relaxing experience with our new pamper packages combing all your favourite services into one neat package!

You can now pair up any of our treatments and maximise your "you" time. Don’t know which treatments to combine? Easy! Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff or check out our specially selected treatments that go beautifully together, so you don't have to do any of thinking. Life is hard enough!

Try our “MASSAGE & SKIN PEEL” package. You can choose any of our massages, including Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Relax or Restore, followed by a Blueberry Buff Peel from Akila Laser and Beauty.

If a skin peel is not your thing, you can combine a massage with Facial Sculpting Treatment or Topical Herbal Mask in the "SKIN REJUVENATION & MASSAGE" package.

Our in house Physio Jason Wright has put together a "PHYSIO & MASSAGE" package including a consultation with him, and a recommended treatment plan with a follow up massage with one of our therapists to encourage the healing process.

Our "ACUPUNCTURE & MASSAGE" package starts with the benefits of specialised and personalised acupuncture, which is then carried through the body with massage.

For a full list of all our services & treatments, click here.

Bookings are essential for our packages. This will ensure both therapists will be available. Please call (02) 8542 4414 to book in a package today!

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